Congratulations to the Stuartholme Swim Team on another CaSSSA Cup victory

After many months of early morning training, a 10km endurance event, “Hell Week”, holiday training, and the swim tour to Sydney, 140 team members travelled to Chandler to compete in the annual CaSSSA Cup competition. A fabulous Percentage Cup win in 2015 was always going to be hard to repeat but the 80 swimmers who won selection for the carnival believed they were up to the challenge.

It was very rewarding to see Swim Captains Caiti Rosengren and Meg Lawes mount the dais to accept the Percentage Cup for the second year running. The Percentage Cup means that pound-for-pound Stuartholme was the best swim team on the day - it is a fact we know well and get great satisfaction from showing on the pool deck when the opportunity arises.
A big thank you to the many, many people who make the swim program so attractive to so many Stuartholme girls.